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    Review: Full Boday Workforce: The Holy Body Tattoos' monumantal, October 2016, NYC

    Review: Edgar Arceneaux Delves into Blackface and Media Bias at Performa 15, November 2015, NYC

    Review: Erika Vogt Explores the Perils of Collaboration at Performa 15, November 2015, NYC

    Interview: Cory Arcangel at Espace Louis Vuitton Munich, Summer 2015; print. NYC

    Review: Sarah Charlesworth’s Retrospective Gives You Double Vision, June 2015, NYC

    Review: Uncanny Valley Girls: Laurie Simmons at the Jewish Museum March 2015, NYC

    Review: What the Black Square did next, January 2015, London

    Review: ME3M 4 Miami: A  Story Ballet About the Internet, December 2014, Miami

    Review: Art Basel Miami Beach: Networked Booths, December 2014, Miami 

    Review:  Kader Attia "Show Your Injuries" at Lehmann Maupin,  November  2014, NYC

    Review:  Brad Troemel’s ant farms are donating money to charity,October  2014,  NYC

    Review:  Women on their way: Future Feminism at The Hole, September  2014, NYC

    Review:  Yvonne Rainer’s Dance Works create a chorus of limbs, July  2014, London

    Review: Complex Interiority: Where Were You? at Lisson Gallery, July  2014, London






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